The Negeri Sembilan Foundation was established under the Negeri Sembilan Foundation Enactment No. 6 in 1979 and began operating on January 1, 1980.

The Negeri Sembilan Foundation is led by a Chief Executive known as the Director and assisted by four (4) officers and other support staff.

The purpose of the establishment of The Negeri Sembilan Foundation is to enable to carry out social and economic activities, especially in sponsoring and promoting educational opportunities among the people of Negeri Sembilan through education loans, scholarships and financial assistance.

In addition, The Negeri Sembilan Foundation also conducts activities to provide aid and assistance to organizations or bodies for charitable, scientific, medical, welfare, social, educational purposes and to make contributions to ease the burden due to disasters such as floods, fires and others.



The Negeri Sembilan Foundation aims to become one of the best lending institutions in Malaysia by 2020.



Committed to the management and development of the education of the people of Negeri Sembilan by providing sufficient financial resources and distributing them fairly and equitably to create a knowledgeable and progressive society.



1. The Negeri Sembilan Foundation is responsible for providing educational assistance in the form of financial loans to students who continue their studies at Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPTA), Polytechnics and Colleges recognized by the Government including universities abroad.

2. Yayasan Negeri Sembilan is responsible for the management of loan repayment collection to ensure that loans that have been issued can be collected again.

3. Yayasan Negeri Sembilan is active in real estate development, office space rental, stock investment, manufacturing trade (trading), agriculture and education business.